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The Architecture and Design industry has observed a booming trend in the past couple of decades because of a rising demand of good visual aesthetics. The industry has been a core of urban development and is closely tied to the macroeconomic trend of a country it is operating in. However, due to a rising competition with booming demand, the industry is also subject to numerous issues and regulations.

The regulatory environment in architecture and design industry is complex and involves multiple tiers of financial regulatory institutions and government sectors.  Furthermore, with an expansion of the industry, architecture and design firms are facing problems in managing larger and more complex projects on daily basis.  This can also affect their efficiency as they have to divert their time in catering to these issues. From paying attention to budgets, deadlines, collaborations, changes in order payrolls and so on, there are numerous compliance requirements that require time to run a business smoothly.

SB Compliances provides compliance services and solutions to architecture and design firms in major cities and construction markets. We provide business-oriented solutions so that you can focus your attention on growing and developing your business without worrying about compliance related issues. Moreover, to ensure the fulfillment of your business requirements, we follow a rigorous business-oriented model. We conduct GAP Analysis to examine the status of your business, and offer changes that can improve its productivity and efficiency.

Our services encompass fulfilling basic accounting requirements, day-to-day management of vendor ledger and receivables, bookkeeping and other finance related services. Additional services include:

  • Maintaining monthly invoices
  • Managing multiple bank reconciliations
  • Administering quarterly business and payroll taxes
  • Maintaining required business documents
  • Maintaining financial document retention files
  • Performing accounting requirements related to budget tracking of individual projects
  • Managing data transfer
  • Managing statements, invoices and financial audits for the clients
  • Managing and coordinating work with external auditors
  • Other related duties as requested by the Executive/Management team.

Additionally, we also provide advice to our clients on the maximization of profits and a plan for successful and efficient execution of projects.