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With growing drinking water scarcity and sanitation problems in developing countries, especially Pakistan, the bottled water business that provides a safe drinking alternative is blooming.  However, as with the food and nutrition industry, bottled water business requires fulfilling standard criteria and regulations.  Such requirements are often cumbersome and require a robust management strategy that can be time consuming. Moreover, the business also requires a robust strategy for expansion and growth.

Therefore, to assist our clients, we offer solutions through proven business-oriented methods to boost bottled water business. We offer services related to marketing thorough creative means to improve sales, accounting and finance for better financial management, and logistic services to reduce cost, improve resource optimization, and maximize profits.

We also offer the following services:

  • General ledger maintenance
  • Maintaining monthly invoices
  • Maintaining required business documents
  • Maintaining financial document files
  • Performing accounting requirements related to budget tracking of individual clients
  • Automation of organization’s proceedings for efficient management
  • Managing data transfer
  • Managing statements, invoices and financial audits for clients
  • Maintaining Deposit and cash reports
  • New client/vendor setup and maintenance
  • Managing and coordinating work with external auditors
  • Training and developing manuals and tutorials for staff so as to improve business efficiency and productivity
  • Other related duties as may be requested by the Executive/Management team