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With a rapidly changing structure of economy and financial sector, operations of civil services organizations are evolving at federal, state and local government levels. Both international and national civil services organizations are trying to cater to the needs of rapidly changing and technology driven world. Therefore, to stay at par with rest of the market, organizations need to develop their structure and embrace changes.

SB Compliances offers comprehensive services and consultancy on a range of matters that can arise during the civil services operations. Through the combination of our extensive experience, our knowledge and our sincere commitment we provide all kind of compliance services that meet your organization’s needs. Our experts have a rich experience of working with some of Pakistan’s leading civil service organizations that include SINA, Taskeen, and The Radical Group.

Our menu of services include:

  • Bookkeeping and management of finances and economic budgeting of the organization
  • Maintaining monthly invoices
  • Managing multiple bank reconciliations
  • Administering quarterly business and payroll taxes
  • Maintaining required business documents
  • Maintaining financial document retention files
  • Performing accounting requirements related to budget tracking of individual projects
  • Automation of organization’s proceedings to establish a real-time connection between its branches and Head Office
  • Managing data transfer
  • Managing statements, invoices and financial audits for the clients
  • Managing and coordinating work with external auditors
  • Training and developing manuals and tutorials for employees on improving the efficiency of the enterprise.

We also offer Human Resource Management services to our clientele. We make sure that vital HR protocols are duly and efficiently implemented. These include Recruitment and Selection, maintenance Employee Handbook, developing Engagement Plans, conducting HR surveys and other HR related services.