With increasing urbanization, especially in developing countries, construction firms are facing problems with managing larger and more complex projects on a daily basis.  This can also affect their efficiency as they have to invest time in catering to these issues. From paying attention to budgets, deadlines, collaborations, changes in orders payrolls and so on, there are numerous compliance requirements that require time to run a construction business smoothly. Construction management is also challenging because of a number of state regulations that need to be fulfilled.

Moreover, the construction industry also involves dealing with issues related to corruption, fraud and other unlawful conducts. SB Compliances aids its clients in navigating the ethical concerns required to secure large-scale public and private commercial projects nationally and internationally. We provide compliance services and solutions to construction firms in major cities and construction markets. We provide business-oriented solutions so that you can focus on growing and developing your business.

To make sure your business requirements are fulfilled, we follow a rigorous business-oriented model.  We conduct Gap Analysis to examine the status of your business and propose plausible changes for improvement.  Our services include: internal auditing, purchasing and procurement monitoring, internal auditing, purchasing and procurement monitoring, third-party due diligence and integrity monitoring, management of internal and external investigations risk and compliance, Code of Conduct, vendor management and so on.

We also offer solutions for improving decision make process, which include creating financial reports in order to analyze data for improving firm’s decision-making process, creating dashboard to analyze the cash position and the profit after calculating the overheads mainly comprising management fees and other petty expenses, and maintaining statement to analyze all petty cash expenses to know where cost can be controlled and minimized and help to forecast the balance a construction firm should have in hand for upcoming periods.