Educational Institutes these days face numerous challenges including complex demographics, financial and technological regulations, and other issues in the wake of global Covid-19 pandemic. A holistic and dynamic business strategy is required to effectively circumvent these issues along with other related compliance challenges. Because of the importance of education institutes globally, each and every member of an institute has their responsibility in the management of the resources, such as time, budget, attention, etc.

Furthermore, education institutes are heavily scrutinized depending on the institutions’ nature and the regions they operate in. With education institution more focused on academics and students’ growth and development, building a holistic and comprehensive compliance program with routine audits, internal and external investigations, and monitoring initiatives are often ignored. This is a serious issue because developing a compliance program with best practices is as important as growth to circumvent regulatory fines, reputation damage and lawsuits. Therefore, we offer our clients compliance solutions for an efficient management of their requirements.

Our services include, but are not restricted to:

  • Outsourced Compliance Support
  • Internal Audit Services
  • Internal and External Investigations
  • Risk-based Auditing and Monitoring
  • Vendor Management and Due Diligence
  • Corporate Compliance Trainings & Workshops
  • Program Audits
  • Drafting, testing, and monitoring of Policies & Procedures
  • Gap Analysis and Risk Assessments
  • Compliance Program Assessments and Audits
  • Development of Job competence and profiling (JCP) of staff and remedial plans
  • Implementation of training programs to address needs