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Healthcare and Nutrition is one of the most regulated industries globally because of the nature of its services. Thus, the complex regulatory environment at multiple tiers demands efficient management of healthcare firms, hospitals and clinics. Healthcare and nutrition practitioners are mandated to comply with a number of regulations that include aligning business with best practices and paying due diligence to operational controls in accordance to state regulations. Such requirements are cumbersome and require a robust management strategy that isn’t unnecessarily time consuming.

Therefore, to assist our clients, we at SB Compliances offer them compliance solutions through proven methodologies to effectively implement and execute legally sound practices that can boost their productivity and efficiency. Our compliance professionals and subject-matter experts design industry-oriented plans to meet our client’s requirements. We offer outsource practices for small and medium organizations and dynamic consultation for large and complex firms. Our services include, but are not restricted to: extensive outsourced compliance support; risk assessments and gap analysis; organizational trainings; forming database for finances and records of the customers electronically which can help the organization in accounting their transaction in a better way.

Our services also include bookkeeping and management of finances and economic budgeting of the organization; maintaining monthly invoices; managing multiple bank reconciliations; administering quarterly business and payroll taxes; maintaining required business documents; maintaining financial document retention files; performing accounting requirements related to budget tracking of individual projects; automation of organization’s proceedings to establish a real-time connection between its branches and Head Office; managing data transfer; managing statements, invoices and financial audits for the clients; managing and coordinating work with external auditors; training and developing manuals and tutorials for the organization’s staff for an improving the efficiency of the enterprise.