Human Resource Management

Human resources (HR) is the function within a business that’s responsible for the “people stuff.” It encompasses a broad array of disciplines from recruiting to compensation.

In short, HR staff ensure your workers are hired, paid, and productive. Choosing to embrace HR at your company can maximize business performance, improving both customer satisfaction and profitability.

Why is HR important?

  • HR manages all the administrative stuff
  • New hire paperwork and onboading
  • Orientation and training
  • Processes and proceduces
  • Document retension
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How We Benefit Small Businesses

Securing Top Talent

Instead of wasting time posting to irrelevant job boards and ads, you can work with us to help secure top talent.

By defining your company culture based on your mission, vision, and values, you’ll attract strategic talent. You’ll have access to industry-specialized expertise and insights to make informed decisions more efficiently.

Stronger Onboarding

Even if you find the perfect candidate that will work well with your company, onboarding can make or break their future.

When handled poorly, onboarding can have adverse effects and set your new employee up for failure. By working with us, you’ll have access to expert guidance and time-tested onboarding procedures—so your new employees can hit the ground running.

Improve Employee Retention

Companies with high turnover rates tend to lose money and eventually, deter top talent. Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t understand why the turnover is occurring.

Strategic HR solutions from our experts can boost employee engagement, performance and improve team building. Real-time feedback may uncover hidden issues, find solutions to problems and make sure that your employees feel valued. 

Access to Employee Benefits

Small businesses are often limited in their employee benefits packages, but when you team up with us, your business’ size no longer limits benefits.

You’ll receive access to a variety of insurance carriers with great options for spouses and pets, plus perks for employees. This will keep your current employees happy and help you attract industry-leading talent

Access HR Anytime

One thing that makes HR more difficult is the dependence on office-based resources to get things done.

By teaming up with SB Compliances, you’ll have access to a comprehensive HR software platform with self-service and mobile tools that allow you to manage your HR in real-time. This allows you to save time and energy while gaining immediate access to the insight you need to make the right decisions.

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Help Save Time and Energy

One of the most beneficial aspects of partnering with us is the time and energy that you may save. 

The first step in benefiting from HRM is making the decision. According to SHRM, 54% of small businesses handle human resources internally, having us onboard with comprehensive HR solutions will allow you to focus on company growth without the accompanying challenges.