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S&B Compliance offers a full range of cost-effective human resource (HR) services designed to help our corporate clients flourish in the global completive business atmosphere. Ensuring that your enterprise has the right skills and talent to grow and excel in the competitive market is our primary goal. With our extensive network of certified HR professionals and experts, we provide all kind of HR services that cater to modern business requirements, leaving you to focus on developing your business strategies and other crucial tasks.

Recruitment and Selection

We provide services for hiring the appropriate talent to fill your vacancies and build for you a team of talented individuals to boost the efficiency of your business operations. Developing a recruitment plan that underlines the selection process to help your business run effectively is absolutely imperative, and that’s exactly what we will do for you. This will save you valuable time, effort and financial resources.

Our HR professionals will manage the entire recruitment and selection process of your enterprise. With our effective and proven methodology, and our ability to recruit globally, our team will provide you talented individuals for both technical and non-technical roles.

Industry experience:

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Health Care
  • Civil Services Organizations
  • Software
  • Food
  • Water

Employee Handbook:

An employee handbook helps the employee better understand an enterprise’s expectations and objectives, alongside preventing conflicts and disputes. A comprehensive handbook shall communicate expectations to your staff, laying down the rules for acceptable and unacceptable behavior. SB Compliances will assist you in developing an Employee handbook for smooth and hassle free business dynamics in your company.

Our HR consultants will assist you in designing a well-tailored employee handbook that highlights your company’s culture and values. We will ensure that the handbook covers all essential policies and procedures in sync with your respective country’s employment laws and regulations. We shall provide guidance on best practices for communicating your new handbook to employees and will guide them about how to use it effectively.

 Employee Onboarding:

In order to assist and help freshman adjust to the organizational environment and contribute to productivity, it is absolutely imperative to have an effective onboarding plan. An onboarding plan will help in introducing employees to the new environment, organizational structure, work context, technical and non-technical functions, and new colleagues.

Our HR consultants will help your organization in developing an effective onboarding plan.  We shall analyze your enterprise’s requirements and will provide you a day-to-day plan for a smooth transition of the newcomers to the new environment.

Engagement Plans:

Engagement plans are necessary for boosting productivity of a firm and can increase employee loyalty and devotion towards its goals and objectives. It helps in understanding what motivates your employee, so you can effectively engage with them and encourage them for productively taking part in enterprise’s endeavors.

Our consultants will perform a gap analysis to judge the status of your employees. Furthermore, they will tailor an effective engagement program using their judgement that will boost employee’s morale, loyalty and productivity. We will also support and assist you in successfully implementing the plan.

HR Surveys:

Employee satisfaction surveys and HR overviews help in understanding the areas of your workers’ satisfaction and dissatisfaction. By using the study results, we can break down the current status of employees satisfaction levels and give proposals for remedial actions required on account of poor outcomes. Such surveys can help construct a climate of trust and acknowledgment between a business and its workers, diminish turnover, and make a channel of open correspondence among employers and employees.

Our consultants will conduct surveys and study its outcomes and will assist you in taking corrective measures in cases where required. Via the knowledge and experience of our consultants, rest assured that you will observe a change in organization’s internal dynamics.

Solutions for HR Issues:

Problems like consistent absenteeism, management flaws and disciplinary issues can have detrimental impact on the organizational structure of the business firm. This can also diminish productivity and can lead to perpetual losses.

Our consultants can help you in assessing the root causes of such problems and can guide you in remedying such issues. They will also guide you about how you can prevent them in the future. Moreover, we will also assist you in devising a strategic plan to curtail such problems, to prevent the loss of productivity. The action plan will help you in assessing and preventing such issues timely and effectively.

HR Documentation:

Our consultants will prepare comprehensive documents for employees ranging from basic offer and appointment letters, to warning letters, transfer letters, experience certificates, and documents of resignations.