OUTSOURCING VS. HIRING EMPLOYEES: What is the best option for your business?

As businesses grow they have to consider expanding their workforce and this brings them to two available options, that is, to either outsource their business processes to internal service providers or simply hire employees that are a best fit.  Outsourcing can be a good option for businesses that need to scale quickly or that have […]

Small & Medium-sized Enterprises and their ESG challenges!

Small and Mid-Size Enterprises, also known as SMEs, are known to have significant importance in the growth of global economic development. SMEs are businesses with a certain number of assets, revenue, and employees. SMEs have created jobs all around the world over the years and continue to do so. They have even outnumbered large firms. […]

Uncovering the Top Obstacles Confronting Small Businesses Today

Throughout history, there have been plenty of instances where an individual or a group of individuals come up with the idea of starting a small business and so they act upon it. To their surprise, their business makes huge profits and after a few years this ‘small business’ no longer remains small. Such instances include […]

Revolutionising Business Growth: The Power of Outsourcing in Driving Evolution.

Over the decades there have been vast modifications and advancements in how a business is conducted. Not to mention, the growth of industrialization that has pervaded globally. This includes the utilization of technology in various fields of business. Technology has allowed firms to employ methods and techniques which help them to advance over time and […]

Mental Health Industry of Pakistan

In recent years, mental health as an industry has grown in Pakistan due to more awareness and acceptance among people. The idea of seeking help has increased, however, the professionals and resources devoted to this industry have not grown at the same rate. In this article we will look into the mental health industry in […]

The Restaurant Industry of Pakistan

The restaurant industry, carrying global significance, has also played a vital role in Pakistan’s economy. In the years 2017-18, the GDP growth for Pakistan was 5.8%, which was a 13-year high. One of the two sectors responsible for this growth is the services sector, which includes the hospitality industry. This article explores one element of […]

Water Bottle Industry

The bottled water industry has been extremely lucrative in Pakistan.  Bottled water consumption in Pakistan is 1.4% of the total economic cost. It accounts for 0.05% of the GDP of Pakistan. The total consumption cost of bottled water was 4.67 Billion PKR (US76.72 million dollars) in 2006. Pakistan’s bottled water market is forecasted to reach […]