Mental Health Industry of Pakistan

In recent years, mental health as an industry has grown in Pakistan due to more awareness and acceptance among people. The idea of seeking help has increased, however, the professionals and resources devoted to this industry have not grown at the same rate. In this article we will look into the mental health industry in […]

The Restaurant Industry of Pakistan

The restaurant industry, carrying global significance, has also played a vital role in Pakistan’s economy. In the years 2017-18, the GDP growth for Pakistan was 5.8%, which was a 13-year high. One of the two sectors responsible for this growth is the services sector, which includes the hospitality industry. This article explores one element of […]

Water Bottle Industry

The bottled water industry has been extremely lucrative in Pakistan.  Bottled water consumption in Pakistan is 1.4% of the total economic cost. It accounts for 0.05% of the GDP of Pakistan. The total consumption cost of bottled water was 4.67 Billion PKR (US76.72 million dollars) in 2006. Pakistan’s bottled water market is forecasted to reach […]

Construction Industry of Pakistan

  The construction industry is an important sector of Pakistan as it has multiple backward and forward linkages to other industries. The economic analysts of the country also forecast a possible potential in the industry that could drive strong economic growth in Pakistan given adequate policies are devised. This article evaluates the economic significance of […]